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Poker May Improve Concentration Required for Surfing

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Improve your concentration by playing poker

Surfing requires a lot of concentration, to anticipate where the waves will move you and keep your body balanced. This is not the only activity that requires its participants to have a pretty sharp mind. Poker is another past-time that requires a lot of concentration, from a mind that is not distracted easily by other things. Poker players, just like surfers, must be able to concentrate on the task at hand and become completely immersed in the moment. Playing this game will help you learn how to better concentrate on important things in your life and to have a thoughtful outlook on life. Here are some ways in which you can increase your concentration during a poker game, many of which are also relevant for surfers and other sports fans alike.

Because poker games tend to last for hours, it can be very difficult to maintain concentration for the whole time. Studies have shown that humans can only really concentrate for up to an hour at a time, so those playing for more than that on the partypoker website or around a table with friends, may have problems. Especially if you have a bad hand, it can be easy to tune out. One way to stop the boredom coming on is to make notes about the game. If you are playing online, there should be a facility that allows you to do this and if you are not, even mental notes will help.

Another way to keep your concentration levels up during a long game of poker, is to reassess your situation at the end of every round. This means talking to yourself silently about how you are progressing in the game and where you want to go from there. Lay out any strategies you have plainly in your mind and think about the strategies you think the other players have. If you make an effort to do this regularly, it will increase your involvement in the game and enable you to stay interested in its twists and turns.
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